“It’s the process of creating beauty that sustains me. The physical act of creating, of using my hands to express deeper inspiration, connects me to the source of art. My connection with the traditions and history of Taos and other cultures is also expressed in my designs. Many of my fabrication techniques are based on Old World traditions, and I make many of my own tools. I am fascinated by technique.”

David B. Anderson is a native New Mexican. Living in Taos with his talented jeweler wife Gail Golden gives him lots of inspiration.

David and Gail in Taos, New Mexico

His first experience as an artist was at a very early age while tinkering in his father’s workshop on the family ranch. He loved to take things apart to understand how they worked. This interest in intricacy led David to immerse himself in historic and spiritual jewelry styles, with an emphasis on the Renaissance. His time studying in India, Italy, Egypt and Bali shows itself in dazzling and detailed metalwork.

d solder

David at his soldering bench

David utilizes an assortment of fabrication techniques in his designs, which include hydraulic die forming, chasing and repoussé, granulation, lapidary and CAD CAM techniques. He makes his own mokume gane mixed metal for his carved “Guri Bori” rings. David’s style continues to evolve, but the underlying theme in his work is mastery of technique.

David specializes in repairing heirloom and vintage jewelry. He also enjoys teaching jewelry fabrication classes in his studio. Please contact David for repair inquiries or to schedule a class.


Best of Jewelry, Taos Fall Arts Festival, 2003, 2004

Living Masters Exhibition, Taos Fall Arts Festival, 2007, 2008, 2009

Best of Jewelry, Mesa’s Edge Gallery “Summer of Love” Exhibition, 2009

Best of Jewelry, Millicent Rogers Museum Miniatures Show, 2011

Best of Show, Millicent Rogers Museum Miniatures Show, 2012

Best of 3D, Millicent Rogers Museum Miniatures Show, 2015



Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmiths, Santa Fe New Mexico

Millicent Rogers Museum Gift Shop, Taos New Mexico

Permanent Display Window, Taos Inn, Taos New Mexico

Studio and Showroom, Arroyo Seco New Mexico